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The Graveyard

Whenever an empire is destroyed or abandoned, it is removed from the Scores list and moved to the Graveyard. Each empire is listed with the following statistics:

The empire's name and identification number.
The total amount of land the empire occupied prior to its deletion. If the empire was destroyed in combat, this number will be 0.
Net Worth
A calculated number indicating the empire's overall value.
Any clan the empire was a member of (shown as "None" otherwise).
The race of the empire's inhabitants.
The time period in which the empire existed.
Cause of Death
The event which resulted in the empire's deletion - Killed (by another empire), Executed (deleted by an Administrator), Committed suicide (used "Delete Account"), or Abandoned (failed to login and play over an extended period of time). For empires killed in combat, this will indicate the empire (and clan) which dealt the final blow.

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