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Your empire's land can be allocated for the following purposes:


  • These allows for your empire's economy to grow by increasing the amount of money you'll earn per turn.


  • These produces your military units.


  • These allow you to reduce your military expenses by more efficiently housing your units.
  • They will also lower the price of all military units purchased from the Private Market.
  • These also increase the rate at which your Private Market refills.

Mage Towers

  • These provides a place to train Wizards,
  • as well as produce Mana with which they may cast their spells.


  • These are vital for feeding your Peasants and military; without food, your population and army will starve and desert your empire.

Important note

All types of buildings houses peasants.


It is not necessary to build all types of buildings to win

  • For example: build only Markets and nothing else; and then use the money you'll earn to purchase cheap goods from the Public Market.

How to grow your empire

  • Explore or Attack for some land, and then construct buildings using the land you've gained.