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Reborn Promisance: New Player Game Guide

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Overview: Building a basic understanding of Reborn Promisance as a new player that is unfamiliar with the promisance genre of games, or similar text-based empire simulators.


  1. Creating an Account
  2. Creating an Empire
  3. First 500 Turns
  4. Core Gameplay and Tips
  5. Additional Resources

Creating an Account

Each player is allowed to have one account with us. This account can be used to create one empire on each server.

Account: Saving your information for use in Reborn Promisance Server: Each server represents a different game mode. Modern, for example, differs from Turbo and Classic in a number of ways including turns per hour, in-game features, and viable strategies.

To create an account, players will want to navigate to the home page of Reborn Promisance at

Once there, navigate to the “Create Account” button found under the “Sign-In” options. Note that once an account has been created you will be able to use that information to log in at any time from your browser.

We recommend that you save your password and username for ease of access, and to avoid losing your progress and saved history.

Creating an Empire

Now that you have an account, it’s time to start up your first Empire on one of the open servers.

Empire: The player’s representation in Reborn Promisance. Think of it as your own custom nation in a world populated by other player’s with their own unique empires.

Picking a Server

First thing’s first, let’s go ahead and pick a server. The following is a short breakdown of the current server options.

Modern: The default server. In this game mode, code changes and patches are frequently added to enhance balance and keep the game dynamic. Players will receive 2 turns every 15 minutes, with a max of 360 turns. Players can store up to 150 turns after reaching their max amount, in which case they will receive an additional turn every 15 minutes until their stored balance is depleted.

Turbo: Turbo is a faster-paced game mode that emphasizes solo play. Players cannot team up or join clans, but receive turns at a faster rate (full turns each day). Note that there are special rules for this game mode to ensure fairness.

Classic: The classic server is representative of an older version of the game code. This version will be more familiar to players who have joined Promisance-style games in the past. The structure of this game mode is rarely changed. Players will receive the same turns as in Modern.

Clanned: The official team-mode of promisance, in this server players will be paired with other players in a ‘clan’ in order to wage war against another team of players. This mode follows a draft-style team choice, and has the same mechanics structure as the Modern server.

Quickplay: The testing server. Players receive full turns each hour, and are able to create an empire to test out different strategies. This server is not intended to be competitive, and players are encouraged to focus on testing only.

For the purpose of this guide, let’s focus on the default Modern server.

All you will need to do to create an empire is log in, choose your server, and pick your Empire Name and Race. Your empire name is how you will appear to other players, and can be changed once per round. Your race can be changed for free if you have not used any turns, and determines the best strategy that can be used in the round.

Choosing a Race

Races: Each race is suited to one particular strategy, and you can get some insight into these choices by viewing the Race Guide below.

As you can see, Gremlin has a massive agricultural bonus. Elf, on the other hand, receives large bonuses to their Mana and Magic production. These bonuses have a large impact on game performance, and should be the focus of your choice when first creating an empire.  


The production method of an empire. The 4 main strategies at this time are,

  1. Farmer: Farming empires strive to produce grains both for themselves, and for other empires via selling on the Public Market or using Foreign Aid to trade with your team. Farmers like to build, of course, farms! Farmers prefer to be in the Present Era due to the agricultural bonuses. The primary farming races are Gremlin and Tengu.
  2. Casher: Cashers focus their production on generating income. This can be done using markets, which directly increase your per-turn income. Cashers are best suited to the Future era, where they receive increased income bonuses. The primary casher races are Gnome and Pirate.
  3. Industrial: Industrial, or ‘indy’ strategies, focus on building a massive army. Indy empires build blacksmiths to increase their per-turn troop production. These troops can be sold on the Public Market, or sent as aid to your teammates. Industrial Empires are best suited to the Future era, and the primary races for this strategy are Goblin and Dwarf.
  4. Mage: Mages generate a resource known as mana to use on various spells. The primary spells are Tree of Gold, which magically produces a large chunk of income, and Cornucopia, which produces a large chunk of grains. Mages prefer to be in the Past era, and the primary mage races are Elf and Drow.

With this in mind, let’s move on to creating an empire! As a new player, we recommend that you choose a simpler strategy like ‘Farming’, with a race such as Gremlin or Tengu being well-suited to that role.

Now that you have an empire, let’s hit Play!

First 500 Turns

You are now in the driver seat of your first empire! Depending on when in the round you have joined, you may see some turns already populated for you. New empires generally start with 200 turns, which is not coincidentally the number of turns players spend in Protection Mode.

Protection Mode: New players in this status will be unable to attack or be attacked, send foreign aid, or interact with the Public Market. This status will end immediately after the 201st turn is spent.

While advanced players have different ways of playing out the first turns in protection mode, for the purposes of this guide we will keep it simple.

  1. First, we will navigate to the side-bar on the left and hit the Explore option. We recommend that you explore between 10-20 turns in order to start generating Income, with which you can build structures.
  2. Next, we will want to navigate to the Build tab and spend 5-10 turns building mage towers in order to start generating wizards, which act as a magical defense measure in the Modern server.
  3. Next, we will want to either go back to exploring, or if you have the income, spend 10 turns building your primary production building. As a reminder, this would be ‘farms’ for a farmer race.
  4. Once you have this basic structure down, you can switch between exploring for more land and building more structures. We recommend focusing more heavily on exploring, as land is the primary driver of high production. That said, you will soon start to feel which method works best for you.

The key thing to remember here is to not go over 200 turns spent! This will leave you open to attack, with few turns to respond with. Once you have spent exactly 200 turns, you should stop your run at that time and wait for your turns to refill. As a general tip, waiting for full turns will always beat running with partial turns.

Runs: Using your turns consecutively is referred to as a run. Players are encouraged to not interfere with other empires while they run.

After Protection

You’ve waited patiently, and are now up to a full 360 turns! It’s time to leave protection and carve your place in the server. As this guide is intended for newer players, we will choose a simpler path for breaking protection.

First, check to see if you are able to build more structures with the land that you have amassed in protection. If so, build your chosen production building until you have no unused land.

Next, use your stored mana to visit the Magic Center and set up a Spell Shield. This will protect you from hostile enemy spells, and is a great habit to form early on.

Finally, go back to the alternating pattern of exploring and building. I prefer to spend 20-30 turns at a time exploring before going back to build on that land. This ensures that you are using your new land effectively.

When you are at 0 turns left, you can officially say that you have completed your first run! Congratulations!

Core Gameplay and Tips

After your recent run you will need to wait again to reach full turns. This will come faster if you have Stored Turns available, but in general takes about 2 days. At this point you now have a solid empire with a production base.

What’s next?

Well, this is where it becomes difficult to plan ahead. Reborn Promisance is a strategy game, and there is no one best way to play the game. That said, here are some fundamental interactions that every player should be aware of.

Clans: A clan is a group of players who are in a team together. These groups cannot attack each other, but they can send additional Foreign Aid (trading) shipments.

Clanned gameplay emphasizes teamwork and efficiency, with each team member specializing in a certain production type. As a farmer, for example, your role is to supply your teammates with food. They likewise will be sending you cash, troops, and additional defenses. Clans are the best way to learn the game, especially if you have met a more experienced player or clan leader. Note that clans are also able to war each other, and are therefore more focused on diplomatic relations with other clans in the server. We highly recommend that all new players find a clan to join for their first month.

Solo: Solo players receive a 5% production bonus at the cost of being unable to trade and work with other players. Solo play is ideal for returning veterans that enjoy a challenge. Solo players cannot war or be warred, and cannot receive or send Foreign Aid if they elect to receive the production bonus mentioned earlier.

Public and Black Markets

Public Market: This is where you can buy and sell troops and resources from and to other players. Farmers, for example, can list their grains on the Public Market, and once they are available then other empires can buy your grains from you. This is the primary method for strategies other than Casher to receive income to support their growing empire. Black Market: This market is non-interactive, and allows players to buy and sell troops and resources at will. In most cases, the Public Market will have better deals for both, though this is not always the case.

Attacking and Defending

While we have focused on exploring earlier, this is not the primary way to gain land. Most players will focus on using attacks to gain land, and this is an expected part of the game in order to keep land flowing across the server. While attacking is a vital part of the gameplay experience, it can be somewhat overwhelming to begin with.

The key elements of attacking to remember are,

Troop Types and Eras: Depending on the era you would like to stay in, some troops are better than others. For example, as a farmer in the Present era you will benefit most from using Battleships for offense and Tanks for defense.

Using battleships as an example, you can locate your targets on the Scores page and click your intended target’s name to access the Attack option. This can also be done through the War Center tab. Once on the attack page, you can use Coastal Assault to send your battleships to battle.

If your troops succeed in breaking the targeted empire’s defenses, then you will gain land and destroy a portion of your target’s troops. You will also lose a number of troops on your side when doing so if the empire is able to partially defend your attack.

Players can attack up to 30 times in a run, with attacks refreshing over time. This limit is removed once a clanned empire enters a war status.

To enhance your attacking abilities, we recommend collecting Intel before attacking. This is done by sending a spell called Crystal Ball to your intended target. If it is successful, then you will see your target’s troop totals and defenses. Note that to succeed in sending this spell you will need to have more wizards than your opponent.

Each attack you send will lower your empire’s Health total. Each turn that you spend not attacking will increase your health total. You should strive to always attack at full health, as this makes your attacks more likely to succeed. For this reason, many players will heal or build in between attacks using options such as Farm, Explore, and Build.

Production Tabs

As mentioned earlier, each strategy has a specific mode of production that they excel at. This is further enhanced by spending your turns entirely on that production using the production tabs. Farmers, as a continued example, can use their turns on the Farm tab to get an increase of 25% in production for each turn spent. The same idea applies to each strategy and their corresponding production tabs.

When do we use these tabs?

Generally you will want to focus on production once you are on a higher land total. This can be after you have attacked on your run, or in between attacks to gain health.

More land = better production, provided you have built your land up to achieve that goal.

By spending your time producing resources you not only will be able to better upkeep your empire, but you will also have more to sell and market in order to earn cash to buy troops and additional resources.

Net: Your empire’s progress is based on your total net. Net is determined based on the number of resources and land that you currently have, as well as your empire’s troop total. Troops, or military units, make up the bulk of an empire’s net worth.

For this reason, many strategies focus on converting production into military troops. This allows players to not only attack more successfully, but also earn a higher rank compared to other empires on the scoreboard.

Additional Resources

Windetch’s Attack Calculator: Helpful for learning to send attacks and spells.

Internal Game Guide: Helpful for referencing basics of game mechanics

Code Changelog: List of all major changes to the game’s code as well as patch explanations.

Discord: Place to have fun, talk to other players, and ask questions.

While this guide is not intended to be a comprehensive path to game mastery, we hope that it is enough to get you started on this journey! As always, the best way to learn is by experience.

While you will naturally gain experience as you play, you can also lean on the experience of our veteran players that are more than willing to help whenever they can! You can also reach out directly to me on Discord under the username Fizdiz#2136, and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you, and I look forward to getting attacked and slaughtered by every one of you <3