Getting Started

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If you haven't already, create a Game Account and follow instructions given.

Once after you have a game account, create an empire. Give it a name and select a race.

I made an empire, now what?

Follow these instructions, the explanation will be provided below.

  1. Wait for turns.
  2. Spend the first 100 turns Exploring for land.
  3. Then with the unused land obtained from exploring, construct your buildings.
  4. Construct at least 600 mage towers so that we can cast spells later on.

Each building increases X amount of something. More markets generates more income, more farms generates more food to feed your population and etc.

Invest in offense and defense

After spending your 200th turn, now would be a good time to invest in building up your offense and defense. You can either make your own army, or buy an army. Don't become an easy target.

Attacking other players for their land enables you to grow a lot faster compared to exploring. You'll eventually be attacked for land. So, all the more reason to think about combat.

Join an alliance

Do NOT create your own clan. Join a clan made by someone else to improve your chances at success.

Contact other players by using the in-game Mailbox. Ask for an invite to a clan. Click on their empire name that appears on the Score board to send a message. You may also visit Discord to ask for an invite to a clan.

If you want to become a better player, consider following a strategy guide.

Return to Main Page of our wiki to learn more about the game.

Choose a strategy

Having a strategy is necessary to improve your chances of emerging as the winner.

List of Strategies

Choose a strategy that complements the advantages of your chosen race.


  1. Turns are important to have if you want to make any move and progress in this game.
  2. To grow in size, you need expand your territory by exploring.
  3. Land is necessary if we want to construct buildings which will contribute to the growth of your empire.
  4. You need buildings because this is how you'll earn extra money, extra food, build an army and train wizards. These resources will be useful to help you become a massive and perhaps the mightiest empire in the game.
  5. Don't make your own clan. It is very likely that other players will not want to join a clan lead by a person who is playing this game for their first time.