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Unless the Public Market prices are way too high, you really shouldn't shop here.

The Black Market can be useful in times of an emergency, just in case there aren't any food or military units available to buy from the Public Market.

The Black Market prices for military units can be reduced by building a lot of keeps. The refill rate of the Black Market can be increased by building a lot of keeps.


  • If you buy from the Black Market, you'll be at a disadvantage because the prices here are usually too high.
  • If you're a farmer, don't buy food from here.
  • If you're an industrialist, don't buy military units from here.
  • Be a smart shopper: You should only buy from the Black Market if the price is cheaper than the Public Market. Always compare the prices.


Here is how to take advantage of the Black Market:

  1. Choose a race with good Market bonus;
  2. Spend a few days storing your money into the World Bank, fill it up;
  3. Save up just as much money as you have in World Bank;
  4. Build a lot of keeps, and continue to build them until it is no longer possible to reduce the Black Market prices any further;
  5. Finally, spend your money and enjoy your military units at ultra cheap price.